The GraphML File Format

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Warning: The GraphML web page and specification are not yet finished. Everything is subject to change without notice.

What is GraphML?

GraphML is a powerful and easy-to-use file for graphs. It consists of a language core to describe the structural properties of a graph and a flexible extension mechanism to add application specific data. Its main features include support of

Unlike many other file formats for graphs, GraphML does not use a custom syntax. Instead, GraphML is based on XML. Hence, GraphML is ideally suited as an exchange format for graphs, and can easily be used in standard tools.

More Information

Work on GraphML was initiated in a workshop during the 2000 Graph Drawing Symposium in Williamsburg, and a proposal for the structural layer was presented at the 2001 Graph Drawing Symposium in Vienna. All information on these pages is subject to change.

For more information on GraphML, read our introduction, download DTDs, read the specification, look at examples, or download GraphML software and data.

What is new (October 26, 2001)

The proposal for GraphML's structural layer will be published in Proceeding of the 9th Intl. Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD '01), to appear in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science. It is © Springer-Verlag, but available from an author's web page.

Slides of GraphML presentation during Graph Drawing 2001 in Vienna.